Daniel Williams

I possess 20+ years of personal training, group motivating and Instructing experience along with sports performance coaching. ACE-CPT, ACE Sports Performance Specialist, ACE Behavior Change Specialist, TRX STC, HYROX Certified Coach. At 41, a father to a 22yr old and a 4yr old, I wanted more for my health, I wanted more purpose behind my fitness, I wanted to lead by example. I craved to explore what my body was capable of. So, I shifted my training to more of a hybrid athlete approach which shifted my lifestyle to complement the change. As a father and fitness professional there are values I stand firm by, Presentation, Professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, commitment and authenticity. I pride myself of my dynamic, high energy personality and a drive for creating a memorable fitness experiences to all levels of fitness. love learning. As geeky as it may seem I love the feeling of expanding my knowledge to enhance clients fitness experiences to all levels of fitness.