Terms & Conditions


I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and understand that participation in fitness classes and or Personal Training and related activities conducted by Focus Functional Fitness involves certain risks and potential dangers. By agreeing to this waiver, I voluntarily agree to participate in the class, session and all activities and assume all risks associated with my participation.

Participant Information: please include all personal information in your Mariana Tek Account 

  • Full Name:
  • Date of Birth: 
  • Address:
  • Phone Number: 
  • Emergency Contact:

Assumption of Risk:
I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the fitness class(es) provided by the Provider. I understand that physical exercise, by its very nature, carries with it certain inherent risks, including but not limited to physical injury, strain, discomfort, and even the possibility of serious injury or death. I hereby assume all risks and responsibility for any such injuries or other medical incidents.

Waiver and Release:
I hereby release, waive, discharge, and agree not to sue the Provider, its employees, representatives, affiliates, or agents from any claims, demands, liabilities, rights, damages, expenses, and causes of action of any nature arising out of or in connection with my participation in the fitness class(es), whether caused by the negligence of the Provider or otherwise.

Medical Representation:
I represent that I am physically fit to participate in the fitness class(es) and have no medical condition that would prevent my safe participation. If I have any medical conditions or concerns, I have consulted with a healthcare provider and obtained clearance to participate.

Consent to Medical Treatment:
I hereby consent to receive any necessary medical treatment resulting from my participation in the fitness class(es) and agree to bear all costs associated with such treatment.

Photography and Video Release:
I hereby grant permission to the Provider to take and use photographs and videos of me for promotional purposes without compensation. [Optional]

I have read this Fitness Class Waiver, understand its contents, and agree to be bound by its terms. I understand that I am giving up substantial legal rights by agreeing to the terms and service when signing up with an account. If I am under the age of 18 I consent that a guardian was with me and takes legal responsibility when I agreed to this waiver.